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Application News

Application News Compostable Extruded Net Tubing End of last year BioPak from Sydney, Australia announced the launch of their BioNet compostable extruded net tubing. BioNet is manufactured in Australia from a starch based biopolymer. The material is certified compostable to European Standard EN13432 which means that it will break down into CO 2 , water and biomass in a compost facility within 180 days. BioNet took two years to develop. Together with a local net extrusion company BioPak trialed a number of different biopolymer blends until a suitable material was found. The biopolymer was easily extruded using existing equipment and produced a net that met all the functional requirements of traditional extruded net packaging. It has excellent tensile strength and can be used as an effective replacement for conventional extruded net. Available in a variety of colours, tube diameters and strand gauges it meets most specific customer applications. The nets can be used for packaging produce such as oranges, onions or garlic, for packaging seafood, e.g. Crabs & mussles. In the horticultural area it can be used for tree guards or soil binding. Another field of applications is the protective netting of industrial gas cylinders. BioNet is just one product from the BioPak range of compostable packaging systems. New Landscape Fabric The new WeedBlock ® Natural is the world’s first weed control fabric made with annually renewable resources. This new non-woven landscape fabric recently introduced to the market by Easy Gardener Products, Inc.from Waco, Texas, USA differs from its completely petroleum-based predecessors. WeedBlock Natural is made from 50% Ingeo ® (PLA) fiber, which is derived from annually renewable starch-based agricultural resources like corn. The Ingeo brand represents an upstream manufacturing process which uses 68% less energy and generates up to 65% fewer greenhouse gases than petroleum-based manufacturing. Eco-friendly WeedBlock Natural allows gardeners to protect their landscapes from weeds and simultaneously reduce their environmental footprint at the same time. WeedBlock Natural keeps weeds out and lets moisture and air in for healthy plant growth. It is effective for up to seven years when covered with mulch, bark or stones. For every 10,000 rolls of WeedBlock Natural used, gardeners will help decrease oil consumption by 20 barrels. 26 bioplastics MAGAZINE [02/09] Vol. 4

Magnetic for Plastics • International Trade in Raw Materials, Machinery & Products Free of Charge C • Daily News from the Industrial Sector and the Plastics Markets M Y • Current Market Prices for Plastics. GoodOnYa BAR Wrapped in Compostable Film Innovia Films’ biodegradable and compostable flexible material, NatureFlex has been chosen for a new range of organic, mostly raw nutrition bars produced in the USA. CM MY CY CMY K • Buyer’s Guide for Plastics & Additives, Machinery & Equipment, Subcontractors and Services. • Job Market for Specialists and Executive Staff in the Plastics Industry Up-to-date • Fast • Professional Based in San Diego, California, the GoodOnYa concept was founded by former Olympic athlete Kris Fillat. It began first with the GoodOnYa deli, offering an alternative to the everyday breakfast and lunch with an emphasis on locally produced and organic items. The GoodOnYa bar is a natural extension of this philosophy, where every ingredient is carefully chosen for its nutritional value while considering the health of the environment. Outlining why the GoodOnYa bar selected NatureFlex, Kris said: “NatureFlex is certified biodegradable and compostable and comes from a sustainable source of wood. We are the first company in the world to use this for a bar wrapper. It is cutting edge eco-packaging, which is shiny and looks great. This is the change our earth desperately needs.” The packaging structure for the product is made from metallised NatureFlex NM laminated to high gloss transparent NatureFlex NVS film. NatureFlex NM is a unique cellulose-based film, manufactured from renewable wood pulp and metallised in-house to provide a very high moisture barrier with a transmission rate of less than 10g/m²/day (38degC, 90% RH). It is this high barrier that keeps the GoodOnYa bars in premium condition. bioplastics MAGAZINE [02/09] Vol. 4 27

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