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Review Bioplastics

Review Bioplastics Awards 2007 The second Bioplastics Awards took place together with the ninth Bioplastics conference in Cologne, Germany, on December 5 th . Organised by European Plastics News, an audience of around 100 people attended the event to witness the recognition of some of the best bioplastics developments and applications. Launched in 2006, the Bioplastics Awards are intended to raise the profile of bioplastics, which, although a developing market, is still very much a niche. The result is that the sector’s achievements tend to be overshadowed by innovations in the mainstream packaging and plastics industries. The seven categories of the Bioplastics Awards intend to change all that, providing a platform to promote the innovative ideas that are driving the bioplastics market forward. EPN Editor and Conference manager, Chris Smith, said: “The 2007 Bioplastics Awards come at an important time for the bioplastics industry as we are seeing new and important developments not only in traditional compostable bioplastics but also in bio-sourced versions of traditional polymers, such as PE, PA, PU and TPEs. When this industry looks back in 10 years or so we might say that 2007 marked the beginning of a new renewable era in bioplastics production and application.” Nominees & Winners Category Best Innovation in Bioplastics Best Bioplastics Processor Best Bioplastics Application – Packaging Nominees & Winners Braskem, Brazil (Polyethylene from ethanol derived from sugar cane) Dow Polyurethanes, USA (Renuva range of bio-derived polyols, derived from vegetable oils) Merquinsa Mercados Quimicos, Spain (Pearlthane ECO TPUs, with 40 – 49% renewable contents) Teijin, Japan (BioFront PLA fibres with a melting point of 210°C) Amcor Flexibles, UK (heat sealable VFFS film using Mater-bi and much more) Leoplast, Italy (High quality PLA cases and packaging for the cosmetics industry) Treofan, Germany (Production of Biophan PLA films) Alcan Packaging, Ireland (Lamination of a range of fully compostable printed film products using PLA and Mater-bi) Alcan Packaging, Ireland (first fully printable laminate of Natureflex cellulose and Mater-bi, which can be home composted) Amcor Flexibles, UK (heat sealable VFFS Mater-bi film for packaging of Sainsbury’s So Organic salad potato range) Coopbox Europe, Italy (Naturalbox PLA foamed PLA tray and capping film meat packaging system) Wiedmer AG, Switzerland (Compostable PCO28 closure in Mater-bi resin for packaging of still beverages) 16 bioplastics MAGAZINE [07/04] Vol. 2

Photos: European Plastics News Review Category Nominees & Winners Category Nominees & Winners Best Bioplastics Application – Non-Packaging WIP, Italy (Lov’N range of biodegradable hypoallergenic sanitary pads, exploiting the breathability of Mater-bi to retain moisture and keep the skin dry while moisture is absorbed by three PLA Ingeo fibre filtering layers) Arkema, France (Use of Pebax Renew in the Wave Creation training shoe by Mizuno of Japan) Elastogran, Germany (Use of bio-derived polyurethane resins in the Elastocoast coastal erosion defence system) NEC Corporation, Japan (Use of kenaf fibre reinforced PLA in a mobile phone casing) Teijin, Japan (Use of BioFront heat resistant PLA fibres in automotive prototype seat Best Bioplastics Retailer Delhaize, Belgium (One of the longest standing supporters of bioplastics, Delhaize has used more than 7 million PLA salad packs over the past two years replacing more than 120 tonnes of traditional plastics. This year it switched its single-use carrier bags to starch-based plastics, estimating it will use 100 tonnes of the resins over the first 12 months. The group is also working with its national retail association FEDIS and waste association Fost-Plus to develop suitable end-of-life options) Sainsbury’s Supermarkets, UK (The 2006 winner in this category, Sainsbury’s environmental packaging approach continues to set the standard in the UK retail sector) Wal-Mart, US (Not a company with the greatest record on sustainability, Wal-Mart’s conversion to sustainable thinking and launch of its environmental scorecard have has really kick-started interest in bioplastics in the Best Bioplastics Marketing Initiative Excellent Packaging & Supply, US (provides customers with assistance in selecting the right product for its needs, The company is also highly active in the US in promoting organised composting schemes, without which many biodegradable products make little sense) Alcan Packaging, Ireland (Promotion of its fully customisable laminated packaging film materials) Novamont, Italy (Supply of two million sets of Mater-bi disposable tableware for the Loreto Agorà dei Giovani two-day eco-meeting in Italy, which was addressed by the Pope) Personal Contribution to Bioplastics NOTE: The Personal Contribution award is made by EPN alone. Martin K Patel (Martin Patel is not, perhaps, seen by many as part of the bioplastics industry, but the work he has been doing over the past 15 years in the techno-economic analysis of energy saving and emission reductions achievable through new and existing industrial biotechnologies is likely to become hugely important in the years to come.) bioplastics MAGAZINE [07/04] Vol. 2 17

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