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Content October 03|2007

Content October 03|2007 Editorial 03 News 05 Suppliers Guide 42 Events 46 Materials PHBV from Tianan-Biologic 24 Bio-Ethanol based Polyethylene 26 Applications Trays made from sugarcane 28 New Closures for Beverage Bottles 29 Politics Overview of the Current Biopolymers 31 Market Situation Basics PHA Bioplastics and how they’re made 34 Industrial Composting: An Introduction 36 Logos Part 5: GreenPla Logo (Japan) 38 Glossary 40 Opinion Preview Careful use of terms like 39 “Biodegradable and compostable” K’2007 preview 12 Special Interview with Stuart Lendrum, Sainsbury‘s 16 Compostable Films and Trays 18 Biodegradable foam trays for fresh food 22 Impressum Publisher / Editorial Dr. Michael Thielen Samuel Brangenberg Dr. Thomas Isenburg, Contributing Editor Layout/Production Mark Speckenbach, Jörg Neufert Head Office Polymedia Publisher GmbH Hackesstr. 99 41066 Mönchengladbach, Germany phone: +49 (0)2161 664864 fax: +49 (0)2161 631045 Media Adviser Elke Schulte, Katrin Stein phone: +49(0)2359-2996-0 fax: +49(0)2359-2996-10 Print Tölkes Druck + Medien GmbH Höffgeshofweg 12 47807 Krefeld, Germany Print run: 8,000 copies bioplastics magazine ISSN 1862-5258 bioplastics magazine is published 4 times in 2007 and 6 times a year from 2008. This publication is sent to qualified subscribers (149 Euro for 6 issues). bioplastics MAGAZINE is read in more than 80 countries. Not to be reproduced in any form without permission from the publisher The fact that product names may not be identified in our editorial as trade marks is not an indication that such names are not registered trade marks. bioplastics MAGAZINE tries to use British spelling. However, in articles based on information from the USA, American spelling may also be used. Cover bioplastics MAGAZINE is grateful to real supermarkets for the permission to shoot the cover photo bioplastics MAGAZINE [03/07] Vol. 2

News Clearly much tougher Sukano announces unique impact modifier for transparent PLA applications Highly transparent polylactide (PLA) packaging with significantly enhanced impact resistance is now a reality, thanks to SUKANO® PLA im S550. The special feature of this revolutionary impact modifier, which has been optimised for use with FDA-approved food contact biodegradable PLA, is that it does not impair the transparency or the heat stability of the PLA. At a concentration of just 4% impact resistance is improved by a factor of 10, so preventing cracks and splinters in PLA sheet and film during cutting or stamping. In comparison with competitive products SUKANO® PLA im S550, in addition to its compostability and excellent transparency, is highly cost-effective. In comparison with other products in the market this unique impact modifier is compostable and is above all highly transparent. PLA processors can use the impact modifier in combination with other Sukano PLA masterbatches, such as the PLA dc S511 slip/antiblock concentrate or white and black colour masterbatches, to produce a tailor-made blend with no loss of performance. Impect strength of PLA film Impact strength of PLA film China‘s Livan to build plants in Hungary for 20 million EUR Chinese packaging firm Livan Biodegradable Product Co. Ltd. will set up two plants in Hungary at a combined cost of HUF 5 billion (EUR 19.6 million) , the Hungarian Ministry of Economic Affairs has said. Livan will build plants in Alsózsolca and Edelény (eastern Hungary) in scope of a green-field investment. The deal is the first Chinese investment of this kind in Hungary. The plants, which will create 800 jobs, are to be built by 2009. Initially, it is planned to produce 50,000 metric tonnes a year of environmentally friendly packaging material and double that amount by a later date when Livan adds new capacities to the facility. The company will use corn to make packaging boxes for the food industry. 1.4 1.2 Impact Strength ISO 6603/2 @ RT PLA film 500 µm with 2% SUKANO ® PLA dc S511 1.0 Total Energy (J) 0.8 0.6 0.4 0.2 0.0 0% 4% 8% % S UKANO® PLA im S550 bioplastics MAGAZINE [03/07] Vol. 2

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