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News show preview Oct.

News show preview Oct. 24-31, 2007 Düsseldorf, Germany Foams from the fields Biodegradable plastics and plastics based on renewable raw materials are a constant part of BASF’s research and development activities. After the market introduction of Ecovio ® LBX 8145 at the beginning of 2006, the first lab samples of the new Ecovio ® L Foam will be available in October 2007. The material is designed for foamed food trays and fast-food boxes. Like its predecessor the new Ecovio ® L Foam consists of Ecoflex ® , BASF’s biodegradable polyester, and the renewable raw material polylactide (PLA). BASF (Hall 5 - Booth B21) Biopolymers and natural fibrereinforced plastics M-Base is a leading supplier of material information systems and thus of course also engaged in the relatively new group of biopolymers and natural fibre materials. Unfortunately, only very little qualified information about these materials is available. M-Base is involved in a series of projects in this field which are to be presented at K‘2007: •, is an information portal about natural fibre reinforced plastics including a database for polymers and fibres. • NF-Guidelines is a research project for the development of design catalogues and style guides for natural fibre reinforced plastics. • A campaign to industrially establish polypropylene-natural fibre injection moulding (PP-NF) and wood-plasticcomposites (WPC) • A biopolymer database (first public presentation at the exhibition). These projects are carried out in cooperation with a network of institutions such as Nova Institut Hürth, Faserinstitut Bremen, TU Clausthal, Fachhochschule Hannover. M-Base‘s goal is to create structures for the new materials so that information will be available equal to conventional materials. M-Base (Hall 5 - Booth F04) At K‘2007, the world’s No. 1 plastics and rubber fair, to be staged from 24 to 31 October 2007 in Düsseldorf, Germany, more than 3,000 companies will showcase their latest developments for all industry segments. Among them quite a few companies that are busy in the field of bioplastics. In this K-show prview bioplastics MAGAZINE gives an overview of what visitors can expect in terms of bioplastics. All-natural colour and additive masterbatches provide earth-friendly option for biopolymers A new family of all-natural colorants and additives from Clariant Masterbatches complements the environmentally friendly biopolymers that are becoming popular in “green” packaging and consumer goods applications. Based on natural materials such as flowers, the new RENOL ® -natur colour masterbatches and CESA ® -natur additive masterbatches are biodegradable and renewable, making them ideal for marketers who emphasize conservation and sustainability. Additional details on the new products can be expected to be announced at K2007 in October. Clariant Masterbatches Division (Hall 8A - Booth J11) Masterbatches based on biodegradable polymers A. Schulman a global leader in masterbatches, compounds and distribution/trading offers a wide range of products. In response to market trends the range also includes masterbatches which are based on biodegradable polymers. In addition various oxy- and photodegradable formulations for applications in polyolefins are available. Detailed information upon request. A. Schulman is an independent manufacturer thus tailor-made solutions can be discussed! A. Schulman GmbH (Hall 8a - Booth D12) Photo: Clariant 12 bioplastics MAGAZINE [03/07] Vol. 2

Biopolymer line adds injection molding, paper coating grades Telles, Lowell, MA, USA, bioplastics production joint venture between Metabolix Inc., Cambridge, MA, USA, and Archer Daniels Midland Co., Decatur, IL, USA, introduces three grades of Mirel semi-crystalline, biobased polyester: Mirel P1001, Mirel P1002 for injection molding applications; Mirel P2001 for paper coating. Mirel P1001 replaces styrenics, exhibits high modulus, high gloss, heat resistance. Mirel P1002 substitutes for polyolefins, offers higher flow, medium stiffness, heat resistance. Mirel P2001 provides an alternative to petroleum-based paper coatings, enables production of fully biodegradable coated paper cups, food packaging such as ice cream cartons. Attributes include heat sealability, good barrier properties, good printability, adhesion to substrates. News Telles (Metabolix/ADM) (Hall 5 - Booth G19-9) Photo: Telles DuPont‘s sustainable presence Highlights of the DuPont exhibit of the will include the latest developments in terms of polymer production from renewable sources. One of the early proponents of bio-sourced materials, DuPont is already processing corn grain to make Bio-PDO at a facility constructed with Tate & Lyle, which was officially opened in June 2007. DuPont is now exploring the refining of other cellulosic materials, such as corn stover – the residual from the plant that remains after the corn is harvested – to sugars for processing into value-added chemicals such as Bio-PDO. In 2008, the company is expected to participate in the construction and operation of a pilot cellulosic biorefinery for ethanol. “With the growing demand for sugars for industrial intermediates and biofuels, cellulosic conversion is an essential step in a biorefinery concept,” comments Dr. Nandan Rao, technology director for Du- Pont Performance Materials. DuPont (Hall 6 - Booth D27) Biodegradable bags with Roll-o-Matic equipment In the past few years the plastic industry has experienced considerable product development – and naturally Roll-o-Matic has been a part of it. Today the market demands for converting equipment are higher as there is a need for innovative solutions that are both on the cutting edge of technology and also live up to new environmental standards. Roll-o-Matic too have noticed the bio-trend and applied the bio-principles to their converting equipment. The result is the Delta Line that can produce biodegradable bags on roll as well as plastic bags from standard material. At K-2007 Roll-o-Matic will exhibit a state-of-the-art Delta Line in order to demonstrate the equipment’s flexible design, running capacity, technological innovation and not least its ability to produce bags of various types. Roll-o-Matic (Hall 3 - Booth D06) “Creative Solutions” for value-added plastics At K 2007 Sukano Products presenting its full range of functional and visually enhancing masterbatches. The spotlight will be on the latest product developments. Besides additives and masterbatches for “traditional“ plastics one highlight will be a transparent impact modifier for PLA. On the stand there will be full details of the well-established and successful range of slip/antiblock concentrates, matting agents, mould release agents and melt flow enhancers, antistatic agents, UV blockers, colours including black and white, optical brighteners, nucleating concentrates, and flame retardants, plus information on new applications. The main focus is on PET, PETG, PC and PLA applications. A particular highlight will be the PLA slip/antiblock masterbatch for use in biodegradable applications. In recognition of this development Sukano was selected as a finalist in the “Best Innovation in Bioplastics” competition at the 28th Bioplastics Conference in Frankfurt, December 2006. Sukano (Hall 8A - Booth H28) bioplastics MAGAZINE [03/07] Vol. 2 13

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