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Applications photos:

Applications photos: Innovia Transparent heat-sealable compostable film New biodegradable and compostable film for food applications under chill conditions A new grade of Innovia Films‘ NatureFlex TM biodegradable was launched by the company in last October. NatureFlex NVS film has been specifically formulated to offer improved stiffness under chill cabinet conditions and features a heat-sealable conversion-friendly coating on both sides. While the film is semi permeable to moisture, providing good anti-mist properties, on the other had it offers a good barrier to gases and aromas. Target applications include the flow packing of fresh produce, window bags and bakery. The high gloss film with enhanced transparency has inherent anti-static properties, good dead-fold properties and is resistant against oil and greases. Enhanced printability and controlled slip properties ensure easier conversion. NatureFlex NVS is currently available in 23 and 30 micron thicknesses. The cellulose based NatureFlex films are derived from renewable wood pulp which is sourced from managed plantations operating good forestry principals (FSC or equivalent). In addition to meeting EN13432, ASTM D6400 and Australian AS4736 standards for compostable packaging, NatureFlex is also suitable for home composting. One of the first supermarkets to adopt the new film is Sainsbury‘s in the UK. In September Sainsbury‘s announced that they would change over 500 product lines to biopackaging. The objective is to save 4,000 tons of fossil-based plastics annually. For Sainsbury‘s, Innovia Films deliver the film to Natura A.S.P. Ltd for conversion to the packers requirements. The film is printed first with the compostable logo and reference numbers before being micro-perforated at A.S.P.‘s plant in Watford, in order to tailor gas permeability to the products‘ requirements. The film is then used by Sainsbury‘s to flow-wrap a wide range of own brand organic fruit and vegetables. Andy Sweetman, Innovia Films‘ Market Development Manager, Sustainable Technologies says „Innovia Films have been supplying Sainsbury‘s packers with NatureFlex through A.S.P. for use on organic produce for nearly five years. Their recent declaration to considerably increase the use of biodegradable and compostable packaging is a strong indication that environmental issues are seriously being considered by the major retail chains. Our new NatureFlex NVS grade significantly improves packaging performance in such applications.“ 30 bioplastics MAGAZINE [01/07] Vol. 2

ioplastic study A worldwide comprehensive bioplastics study More than 40 plastics by 30 manufacturers Intensive material testing and data research Comparative presentation of the technical characteristics and processing properties of tested biodegradable materials Additional summary on the current international market situation for thermoplastic bio polymers In cooperation with the Institute for Recycling - Wolfsburg, Germany … is the new information and market platform for the bioplastics industry … provides an overview over current bioplastic news and events … offers comprehensive background information on the benefits of bioplastics … comprises an industry directory and market overview More information at Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 BIODEGRADATION PROCESS EcoWorks ® 1-800-4-CORTEC St. Paul, MN 55110 USA © Cortec Corporation 2006 70® 100% Biodegradable EcoWorks Replacement for Plastic and Polyethylene Up to 70% Bio-based With Annually Renewable Resources From thick rigid plastic cards to fl exible protective wrap, EcoWorks ® 70 by Cortec ® Research Chemists offers universal, biodegradable replacement to traditional plastic and polyethylene films. This patent pending breakthrough meets ASTM D6400 and DIN V 54 900. EcoWorks ® 70 does not contain polyethylene or starch but relies heavily on renewable, bio-based polyester from corn. 100% biodegradable, it turns into water and carbon dioxide in commercial composting.

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