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News SEM-photo of a

News SEM-photo of a bioplastics surface, affected by micro organisms (photo: FH Hannover) Generation of a new Biopolymer Database photo: FH Hannover photo: Instron During the last 10-15 years a lot of different biopolymers were introduced to the market. Unfortunately, only very little qualified information about these materials in terms of mechanical or thermal properties, permeability, degradation or processing behaviour is available to the decision makers in the industry. Even though there has been remarkable research effort in the past, the results seem not to be accessible in a structured and well organised form. “Also the quality of the available information is doubtful, many files are out of date or incomplete. Interested users need to spend too much time searching for qualified material data and very often will not find answers to their questions” as Professor Hans-Josef Endres, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover, Germany (Department of Bio-Process Engineering), points out. In order to improve the situation, the faculty started to create a Biopolymer Database which contains a full overview of the market. The guideline is the well known CAMPUS ® database, which has become the international standard information system for conventional Engineering Polymers. “The new Biopolymer Database will allow quick and easy access to information about biopolymer producers, contact persons and material properties, like mechanical properties, permeability, degradation or processing behaviour,” says Dipl.-Ing. Andrea Siebert, research engineer at the same faculty. The main goal of the project is to collect complete information about available biopolymers, using uniform standards and to generate comparable and complete material data. The result will be a database, which is compatible with the internationally accepted CAMPUS system and will be accessible through the internet. The project, that started at the end of 2006 is supported by the German Government (Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, coordinated by the Agency of Renewable Resources - FNR). Project participants are M-Base Engineering + Software from Aachen, Germany and European Bioplastics, Berlin. Dipl.-Ing. Andrea Siebert: “It is important to point out, that during this project, in contrast to old and recently published studies, only all the latest materials, which are really available on the market will be considered. In close cooperation with the biopolymer producers crucial processing, utilisation and disposal material data will be generated in a complete new test program organised and conducted by the project team.” For questions, suggestions or potential cooperation contact 12 bioplastics MAGAZINE [01/07] Vol. 2

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