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Content Editorial 3 News 5 K-Review 10 Application News 40 Event Calendar 57 Suppliers Guide 60 Bioplastics Award 2010 “And the Winner is …” 9 Cover Story Capacity for PLA Feedstock Recovery to 16 Expand Significantly Recycle PLA Cups at U2-Concerts 18 Films | Flexibles | Bags Next Generation PLA Films 20 Chinese Compounder Enters Biodegradable 23 Co-Polyester Market New Developments in PLA Packaging Films 24 How to Produce BOPLA Films 25 Machinery for BOPLA from the USA 26 Consumer Electronics PLA for Consumer Electronics 28 Bio-Based Polymer-Alloy for 30 Consumer Electronics 06|2010 From Science & Research Disintegration of Packaging Materials 44 Bacteria Convert Bio-Wastes into Plastic 48 Basics Recycling of Bioplastics 50 Recycling Recycling of Bioplastics Production Waste 52 Opinion The End-of-Life of Bioplastics 54 Targets for Bio-Based Products 56 Personality Frederic Scheer 58 Nov/Dec Eco Friendly Objects 32 Stay in Touch – Naturally 33 Materials From Feathers to Plastic – 34 A Sustainable Alternative Applications Re-Engineering the Paper Leaf Bag 36 The Coca-Cola PlantBottle 39 Imprint Publisher / Editorial Dr. Michael Thielen Samuel Brangenberg Layout/Production Mark Speckenbach, Julia Hunold Head Office Polymedia Publisher GmbH Dammer Str. 112 41066 Mönchengladbach, Germany phone: +49 (0)2161 664864 fax: +49 (0)2161 631045 Media Adviser Elke Hoffmann, Caroline Motyka phone: +49(0)2351-67100-0 fax: +49(0)2351-67100-10 Print Tölkes Druck + Medien GmbH 47807 Krefeld, Germany Total Print run: 4,000 copies bioplastics magazine ISSN 1862-5258 bioplastics magazine is published 6 times a year. This publication is sent to qualified subscribers (149 Euro for 6 issues). bioplastics MAGAZINE is printed on chlorine-free FSC certified paper. bioplastics MAGAZINE is read in 91 countries. Not to be reproduced in any form without permission from the publisher. The fact that product names may not be identified in our editorial as trade marks is not an indication that such names are not registered trade marks. bioplastics MAGAZINE tries to use British spelling. However, in articles based on information from the USA, American spelling may also be used. Editorial contributions are always welcome. Please contact the editorial office via Envelope A certain number of copies of this issue of bioplastics MAGAZINE is wrapped in a compostable film sponsored by different suppliers Cover Ad NatureWorks Photo by Philipp Thielen Location: Bischöfliche Marienschule Mönchengladbach, Germany bioplastics MAGAZINE [06/10] Vol. 5 New: Follow us on twitter: Like us on Facebook:

News Naturally Iowa Becomes Totally Green Naturally Iowa, Inc., Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA recently announced that after acquiring Totally Green LLC earlier this year (a company that pioneered research and development of the ORCA Green Machine), they will now be known as Totally Green, Inc. A press release stated that by combining a fully compostable water bottle with the ORCA (Organic Refuse Conversion Alternative) Green Machine, Totally Green has created the world‘s first closed-loop composting system. This system fully composts the PLA water bottles along with food waste, into a liquid effluent, called ‘compost tea’ within 48 hours in an ‘earth-friendly’, and cost-effective way. In 2004, Naturally Iowa, Inc. started as the producer of the world‘s first Ingeo milk bottle and has now evolved into another first ... Green Bottle Spring Water and ORCA Green Machine. The combination of the two companies under the Totally Green, Inc. name underscores their new approach to the ever-growing world-wide challenge posed by food waste and oil-based plastic bottles in landfills. A wide range of businesses and other ‘closed loop sites’ shall now be able to utilize Totally Green, Inc.‘s compostable water bottles along with an on-site ORCA Green Machine method for composting the bottles and food waste, which eliminates the increasing environmental hazards of waste food storage on site, along with the release of methane gas in landfills, while reducing tipping and hauling fees. “With Totally Green, Inc., we now have a company name that is more reflective of our entire business,“ said Rob Phillips, President of Totally Green. “Our new headquarters at Corporate Woods, (Tulsa) our factory, and expanded professional staff are extensions of our company‘s commitment to maintain our leadership in protecting our environment with our innovative product line.“ A wide variety of organizations nationwide are currently using Totally Green products in their daily operations including government agencies, public and private companies, and university campuses. This system is ideal for businesses with a controlled environment where the consumer is likely to purchase, use and dispose of the product in the same place such as restaurants, stadiums, hospitals, universities, theme parks, military bases, special events, and the hospitality industry. Just recently Sodexo, Inc. re-opened a cafe at the US Department of the Interior where they offer Green Bottle Spring Water within the framework of a totally new approach focusing on fresh seasonal ingredients, local sourcing, and an integrated composting program. Mr. Jamie Mansy, Sodexo‘s General Manager of food service at the Department of the Interior, stated that, “Totally Green‘s concept for making its bottles available in environments where they can be composted after use fits our objectives of providing the convenience of bottled water while eliminating the environmental impacts associated with petroleum-based bottles.“ He added that, “Initiatives like the switch to Totally Green‘s program is in collaboration with GSA and their greening initiative as part of new contract requirements, but it also represents an additional milestone along Sodexo‘s path to sustainability.“ William Horner, Totally Green‘s Founder, and CEO, stated, “We are convinced that our organization is poised to dramatically reduce the seventeen million barrels of oil that are used each year to produce the plastic water bottles sold in the United States. By using a renewable resource to make water bottles, and then capturing those bottles after use in our new ORCA Green Machine, we offer our customers a ‘turn-key‘, ‘closed loop‘ system. Totally Green‘s seven years of pioneering the manufacture and use of (PLA) bottles has given us a leadership position in the ‘Green Initiative’ movement. Our recent name change from Naturally Iowa to Totally Green more accurately reflects what we offer our customers. The program at the Department of Interior offers further evidence that the company is playing a major role in the transformation of the bottled water industry.“ bioplastics MAGAZINE strives to publish a scientifically backed article about the performance of the ORCA Green Machine in one of its next issues. MT Anzeige_105x148_BIB:2011-hoch 21.07.2010 12:41 Uhr Seite 1 iBIB 2011 International Business Directory for Innovative Bio-based Plastics and Composites In spring 2011, iBIB 2011 , the first ever international directory of major suppliers of bio-based plastics and composites, will be published as a means of opening up a range of new customers to companies in the bio-materials sector. The aim of iBIB 2011 is to put industrial suppliers and customers in contact with each other. Two major characteristics of new markets such as bio-based plastics and composites are ‘insider knowledge’ and a lack of transparency, which prevent the sector from developing as quickly as it might. The iBIB 2011 will help firms to find the best biobased solutions available worldwide. iBIB 2011 : 250 pages • 100 companies, associations, R&D • 20 countries Book your page(s) now at: Contact: Dominik Vogt, Phone: +49 (0)2233 4814– 49 Publisher nova-Institut GmbH | Chemiepark Knapsack bioplastics | Industriestrasse MAGAZINE 300 [06/10] | D-50354 Vol. Huerth 5

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