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Event Preview

Event Preview Bioplastics Awards 2008 Organised by European Plastics News, the tenth Bioplastics conference, to be held in Munich on December 3 and 4 this year is presenting the third Bioplastics Awards. Launched in 2006, the Bioplastics Awards are intended to raise the profile of bioplastics and underline the recognition of some of the best bioplastics developments and applications. As a media partner of the event bioplastics MAGAZINE is happy to present the shortlisted companies. Nominees Entry Details Best Innovation in Bioplastics Biomer Germany IDES USA PHB Industrial Brazil Biopolymer Network New Zealand Best Bioplastics Processor Gehr Plastics Germany Amcor Flexible Packaging UK PHB resin | Biomer has developed a PHB (polyhydroxybutyrate) formulation that (among other improved features) uses nucleants to control spherulite size and biodegradable plasticisers to overcome brittleness. Bioplastics Resin Selector | The well established Prospector polymer search engine for technical plastics materials datasheets has been extended to include almost 200 new resins from 120 global suppliers that contain either biodegradable, renewable or recycled material content. PHB resin | PHB Industrial has developed a viable process for production of PHB (polyhdroxybutyrate) and its copolymer PHB-HV (polyhydroxybutyrate-valerate) from commercialy grown sugar cane. The 100% biodegradable Biocycle polymer is claimed to be suitable for a wide range of short lifetime disposable applications Low density PLA foam | A process for producing a polylactic acid (PLA) based alternative to expanded polystyrene (EPS) was developed. Its process involves impregnation and pre-expansion of PLA beads with an environmentallyfriendly blowing agent, resulting in a product that can produce foams on the same equipment used to process EPS. Semi-finished bioplastics profiles | GEHR Kunststoffwerk is breaking new ground with the introduction of its range of bioplastics and natural fibre reinforced semi-finished sheets, rods, pipes and profiles. GEHR is aiming to supply their products based on PLA and renewable PA into durable applications rather than into packaging. NaturePlus film products | Amcor has developed a leading position in the bioplastics packaging films sector with its Natureplus range of packaging, with its special focus on home compostable products suitable for the UK‘s waste management systems. PLA Foam (Biopolymer Network) Gift Cards made from Starch Blend Sheet (Pace Industries) 10 bioplastics MAGAZINE [06/08] Vol. 3

Event Preview TPU Shoe Components (Formax Quimiplan) PLA Cheese Pack (Coopbox) Nominees Entry Details Best Bioplastics Application - Packaging Amcor Flexible Packaging UK Innovia Films UK Coopbox Italy Sainsbury So Organic wild rocket pack | Amcor Flexibles developed a special Natureplus compostable film together with Flextrus for packaging organic wild rocket for UK retailer Sainsbury‘s. The company wanted a water resistant, home compostable film suitable for use in a wet environment that was also free of any GM-material in its production. Nestle Quality Street confectionery wrap | Innovia Films is supplying a range of 10 different colured films manufactured from its compostable NatureFlex bioplastic range to wrap Nestle‘s Quality Street range of chocolate confectionery. The company wanted a home compostable film that matched the performance and opening characteristics of its existing cellulose twist-wrap. PLA cheese pack for Mauri | Gorgonzola cheese needs a specific amount of oxygen to preserve the quality of the product in the pack. The Coopbox solution for Italian dairy producer Mauri consists of a PLA tray top-sealed with a peelable PLA closing film and covered with a formed PLA lid has been shown to maintain essential microbial metabolism. Best Bioplastics Application - Non Packaging Formax Quimiplan Brazil Gehr Plastics Germany Pace Industries USA Bioplastics Marketing Initiative Gehr Plastics Germany Invicta Plastics UK Nestlé UK Thermogreen TPE shoe components | TheThermogreen range of footwear inner shoe components is claimed to be the first commercial application of bio-derived thermoplastics polyurethane resin (TPU) in the footwear industry. Developed together with TPE manufacturer Merquinsa, the new resins enable Formax to reduce the environmental footprint of the products. Semi-finished bioplastics profiles | GEHR Kunststoffwerk‘s bioplastics and natural fibre reinforced semi-finished sheets, rods, pipes and profiles includes PLA and renewable PA polymers which it is targetting at sports applications, machined components, writing instruments and cosmetics applications. Biograph cards for Apple iTunes | PACE Industries‘ Biograph.ics printable starch-blend sheet is used by Apple Computer for its iTunes gift cards, which allow users to buy and download songs over the internet. The bioplastic sheet can be printed and formed and is certifed to comply with the ASTM 6400 compostability standard. Semi-finished bioplastics profiles | GEHR Kunststofftechnik launched its EcoGehr profile range at a workshop in Germany where it brought toghether experts in bioplastics to explain the basics ot the materials to more than 150 of its existing customers. These presentations were recorded, editied and subsequently recorded to DVD and sent to prospective customers. Biodegradability Testing Kit | As a leading supplier of education aids to schools and colleges, Invicta Plastics was quick to realise that its composting experiment kit also had a role in promoting the concept of biodegradable packaging. It has now developed a more compact kit for corporate use to demonstrate how products behave in the environment. Quality Street confectionery | Confectionery is a highly packaged product. Nestlé‘s decision to improve the environmental footprint of its Quality Street brand extended to the development of a „Recycling Cycle“ story board, which is printed on the base of every pack. This provides the consumer with a simple explanation of the materials used and their disposal. bioplastics MAGAZINE [06/08] Vol. 3 11

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