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05 | 2010

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Materials New

Materials New Biomaterial BIOTEC Biologische Naturverpackungen GmbH & Co. KG located in Emmerich, Germany, have added a new material with the brand name BIOPLAST 200 to their product portfolio of biological natural packaging. This is a completely new thermoplastic material which is 100% biodegradable and does not contain any plasticizer. This new starch-based plastic material is particularly suitable for blown film, sheet film and profile extrusion, thus also for injection moulding. Unlike thermoplastic starch (TPS), no plasticizers are added to the potato starch which is used in its original native condition. This and the consistent abdication of raw materials stemming from genetically modified organisms (GMO) result in a material with features fully in line with the increasing expectations of consumers and end users. Bioplast 200 is registered as a biodegradable material with Vinçotte (No. O 10-406-A) acc. to EN 13432. Depending on their thickness, products made from Bioplast 200 are therefore also compostable. Of course Bioplast 200 can also be disposed of in a conventional way, e. g. in waste incineration plants. Due to the high share of applied renewable, bio-based raw materials of more than 40% the incineration of Bioplast 200 generates by far less CO 2 than that of conventional, completely petroleum-based products. Compared with polyethylene (PE), more than 50% of climate relevant CO 2 emissions are saved during the incineration of the material. The product can be used without any pre-treatment for flexographic and offset-printing. Its resistance to oils, greases and water offers a large variety of applications. Depending on the duration and the kind of application, Bioplast 200 can also be used in contact with food. All raw materials used are listed in the European Directive 2002/72/EC. Its lack of odour is a result of the use of potato starch instead of corn starch. Since 1992, BIOTEC Biologische Natur-verpackungen has been developing thermoplastic materials under the brand name Bioplast which are based on natural raw materials. Initially designed as a development unit, the company is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of bio-compounds and blends. BIOTEC belongs to the SPhere Group (France) and to BIOME Technologies plc (UK), two of the most important companies that manufacture, develop and distribute innovative Biomaterials. 28 bioplastics MAGAZINE [05/10] Vol. 5

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