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05 | 2010

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Fibers | Textiles The Zero Impact Collection The excellence of Italian craftsmanship and design is recognized across the world. Italian designer Riccardo Rizieri Broglia took on a very personal project. Broglia wanted to create a line of shoes that embodied all of the qualities of handmade goods with an exceptionally low carbon footprint. Calling his new line ‘Zero Imact’, the designer utilized calendered Ingeo fiber. Ingeo was chosen because it combines all of the delicacy of silk to the touch, is versatile, performs well, and is made with renewable plant material. Broglia believes this collection reveals a balance between glamour and innovative materials that is as rare in today’s fashion industry. Ingeo biopolymer is manufactured by NatureWorks. Fashion Helmet Take a product that has traditionally been sold as a safety necessity and then build a successful business by transforming that product into a fashion statement. The products in question are motorcycle, motor scooter, ski, and bicycle helmets. The company seizing an opportunity is Italy’s Fashion Helmet. Fashion Helmet was formed in 2004 by people with more than 20 years of related experience in fashion research and design. The company’s helmets are hand-crafted and fully compliant with the highest European safety standards. But it’s what’s on the outside that captures attention, not only from wearers but from passers by. The traditional hard outer shell comes in a host of vibrant colors and designs — some classical, others stunningly modern, all eye catching. Recently the company offered a new ‘capsule’ collection of helmet covers. The collection features Ingeo calendered cloth fashion covers, as well as covers made with vegetable dyed and tanned leather. Both fabric and leather covers are made by Conceria Tre Effe in Italy. Ingeo cloth is a manufactured fiber from NatureWorks and is made from renewable plant material, not oil. The company features Ingeo fabric covers because Ingeo matches the company’s vision to have customers “wear something truly out of the ordinary.” 18 bioplastics MAGAZINE [05/10] Vol. 5

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