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05 | 2010

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Fibers | Textiles

Fibers | Textiles Sustainable Fabrics Can be ‘NICE’ C. L . A . S . S . ( C re a t i v i t y Lifestyle And Sustainable Synergy) demonstrated that eco-friendly fabrics are innovative, sustainable, and fashionable at the NICE (Nordic Initiative Clean and Ethical) Fashion Summit, which took place last December in Copenhagen in conjunction with the United Nations Conference on Climate Change. The event was a pioneering initiative spearheaded by the Nordic Fashion Association (NFA) to help raise awareness about sustainability within the fashion industry. C.L.A.S.S was appointed the official supplier of all the eco-responsible textiles at the event. In a bid to show key fashion industry decision makers that textiles can be both aesthetically appealing and sustainably produced, C.L.A.S.S. provided more than 20 leading Nordic designers from Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, and Norway with a range of fabrics that were incorporated into 40 garments. The selection of fabrics included a range of innovative renewable fabrics, recycled and repurposed textiles, and organic and natural fabrics. The winner of the design competition was Saara Lepokorpi from Finland. The winning two-piece outfit featured a 100 percent Ingeo fiber by Fama Jersey Spa, as well as new milk/wool/viscose and viscose/silk blends by Olimpias (Piobesi). Ingeo, a biopolymer manufactured by NatureWorks, is made from renewable plant material, not oil. “The fashion industry must be commended on its willingness to push the boundaries of design by incorporating fabrics that not only provide comfort and performance, but also offer options for lowering the carbon footprint of textiles and fibers,” said Eamonn Tighe, NatureWorks business development manager, Europe. “Importantly, the fashion industry’s work is spurring designers in many different fields to adopt synthetics made from renewable resources.” Other notable dresses at the fashion summit that used Ingeo textile included those shown in the pictures. Article: Velo Composition: 100% Ingeo PLA Mill: BOSELLI E. & C. SPA David Andersen Article: Ecomais Composition: 100% Ingeo PLA Mill: FRIZZA SPA Aan Hernández Article: Maspun 1007030 RPLA Composition: 100% Ingeo PLA Mill: FA-MA JERSEY SPA Maxjenny All photos courtesy of Danish Fashion Institute. 16 bioplastics MAGAZINE [05/10] Vol. 5

Fibers | Textiles Innovative Floor Covering Pietra, from Tandus (Dalton, Georgia, USA), is the first commercial modular carpet made with Ingeo biopolymer in an innovative core and sheath fiber system. Utilizing the first 100% recycled content backing, Pietra contains 45- 59% recycled content and 10% post consumer content by total product weight. Pietra is 100% closed loop recyclable and warranted for 15 years in a commercial application. Pietra was chosen as the first Tandus style utilizing Ingeo fibers because of Ingeo’s performance, carbon footprint, and design versatility. Travertine, one of the most frequently used stone floorings in modern architecture, influenced Pietra’s color and texture. Pietra embodies travertine’s characteristic, naturally occurring cavities and ‘troughs’, which express qualities of warmth and craftsmanship. Packed with grays, earth neutrals, saturated blues, greens, corals, and rusts, Pietra complements any space and helps to reduce the carbon footprint of the organization purchasing it. Ingeo biopolymer is manufactured by NatureWorks. ‘Obama’ dress by Gattinoni Loving Both Black dress made from Ingeo PLA fibers High Fashion and Nature Guillermo Mariotto, the artistic director of noted Italian fashion house Maison Gattinoni, has a passion for finding the balance between humans and nature. Mariotto said, “I chose the environment and nature over a fashion that is increasingly aware of business and not particularly oriented towards the future.” Mariotto has been exploring the potential of Ingeo PLA fiber for high fashion. Ingeo manufactured by NatureWorks, is a polymer made from renewable plant material, not oil. A stunning dress made from 100% Ingeo fabric highlighted the Maison Gattinoni’s January 2010 fashion show. A manufacturing process that includes calendaring is responsible for the bright finish and silky soft texture of the dress. Creativity Lifestyle And Sustainable Synergy (C.L.A.S.S), Lei-Tsu, and Boselli E. and C. Spa collaborated on the development of the fabric. Another product created by Mariotto is a caftan out of Ingeo fiber. The dress is the designer’s tribute to U.S. President Barak Obama. The president’s face is hand painted on the material. bioplastics MAGAZINE [05/10] Vol. 5 17

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