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05 | 2008

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News Arkema Introduces

News Arkema Introduces New PLA Processing Lubricant Arkema Inc. has added a new metal release lubricant to its Biostrength ® impact modifier line of additives for biopolymers. Intended for use in extrusion, injection molding and calendaring of PLA and other biopolymers, new Biostrength 900 metal release lubricant enables more consistent processing of PLA. A small amount of Biostrength 900 metal release lubricant enables a wider processing window during the processing of PLA, leading to lower scrap rates. Variations in processing temperatures and shear are minimized with the addition of Biostrength 900 metal release lubricant, enabling injection molding and calendaring operations that previously were problematic in the processing of PLA. “I’m pleased that Arkema’s talented team of scientists and application development engineers has developed a product with release properties that can enable the market expansion of PLA into more challenging processing environments,” said Peggy Schipper, commercial development business manager of Arkema’s Functional Additives business. “This product is a nice addition to our Biostrength line of impact modifiers and melt strength enhancers and fits well with our strategy to provide our customers additives that contribute to increasing the use of polymers made from renewable resources.” Principia Partners Announces... Bio-based and Biodegradable Polymers 2008 A GLOBAL INDUSTRY PERSPECTIVE Principia What’s Inside? A comprehensive market study assessing the bio-based and biodegradable polymers industry, the report is designed to be a strategic planning tool for polymer producers, processors, and end users seeking to or currently participating in this emerging industry. g Global analysis of the industry by various regions, markets, major applications, and products using 2008 as the baseline year g Insights on market trends and regulations affecting future demand that will help subscribers identify the next set of markets and applications Contact Ashish Aneja Tel: US +1-610-363-7815 ext 252 Mobile: US +1-484-354-9688 Fax: US +1-484-214-0172 E-mail: Principia Partners 604 Gordon Drive P.O. Box 611 Exton, PA 19341 USA g Detailed value-chain analysis to aid readers in building the right partnerships and capabilities to serve this high growth industry Visit and click on Principia Publishing > Industry Reports > Bio-based and Biodegradable Polymers 2008 to view study prospectus. Use promotion code BBP08 to receive a US 0 discount. bioplastics MAGAZINE [05/08] Vol. 3

A new world requires a new way of thinking In a world where depletion of natural resources is an ever growing concern, compostable packaging is rapidly gaining ground as the sensible alternative to its traditional counterparts. In this relatively new industry, Natura Packaging has been at the forefront from the beginning, providing the world with sustainable packaging solutions since 1995. A dedicated service provider, we translate packaging questions into practical answers - from preliminary counsellingto actual product delivery. So go for a new way of thinking. Enjoy the benefits of unrivalled experience. Choose Natura Packaging. Innovation in packaging natura Verpackungs GmbH Industriestrasse 55-5 D - 48432 RHEINE Phone +44 (0)1923/815-600 Phone +49 5975 303 57 Fax +49 5975 303 42 Email Internet

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