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05 | 2008

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Bottle Applications

Bottle Applications flowing naturally and they started their commercial water business. “We knew that PET wasn‘t the best thing for the environment and there was increasing concern about the impact of PET bottles,” says Richard Paterson, today Managing Director of the company. “While we wanted to do a product for retail (our Yarra Valley range was aimed at Restaurants and Hotels) and as soon as we saw the PLA we knew that was the way to go.” Long term Richard would like to see every bottle of water in Australia made from Ingeo PLA and a much wider uptake of the material also for use in juices, milks and a range of other products. Cool Change is all about creating a change, to rethink the way to produce, consume, and dispose. “We‘re hoping to start our ‘change‘ within the Australian Beverage Industry,” Richard says. “We are also now promoting and assisting the setting up of composting facilities in Australia which at this stage are almost nonexistent outside of South Australia.” As the next step the Patersons would like to do a milk line and a juice line. “But we‘ll stick with the water for a start to open the route to market and then add new products on once we‘ve learnt from our water line and everything settles down,” as Richard comments their plans. For the time being they are going to start with a 500ml water bottle. Over summer (which is beginning just now in Australia) a 350ml, 600ml, 1500ml are to follow. Asked about the end of life options of their PLA bottles, Richard Paterson explains that they are setting up composting sites in each state to handle the bottles until a critical mass is reached to make recycling pure PLA viable. Initially the bottles will enter the current waste stream but the Patersons are working with their customers to reclaim as many of the bottles as possible. In the short term the bottles will either be composted or end up in landfill until there is a much better waste treatment system in place. Where possible, they will be supplying bins to collect not only their Cool Change Water bottles but other products made from PLA. As a closing remark of our conversation, Richard adds: “We are all about change. Just going to bioplastics isn‘t the solution. But they offer a greater range of end of life options and allow us to create substantial change in the way we package fast moving consumer goods and also how we handle the waste at the end of the products life.” Anz_Rohstoffwende_EN_A5quer:08-09-04 04.09.2008 15:46 Uhr Seite 1 International Congress Raw Material Shift & Biomaterials Practice-oriented for decision makers of the producing industry December 3 rd and 4 th 2008 Maritim Hotel, Cologne The newest developments regarding resources & materials With the awarding ceremony of the “Innovation Award – Biomaterial of the Year” Organizer 1 st day: Raw Material Shift – Changed framework for the resource supply of the industry ➔ Fossil and mineral resource (price)crisis ➔ Global resource-problem ➔ What can agricultural resources accomplish as an alternative? ➔ Trends of the most important agricultural and wood resources Speakers of the following companies and institutes will be attending the congress Bank Sarasin & Cie AG (Switzerland) • Cognis GmbH • European Industrial Hemp Association e.V. and Badische Naturfaseraufbereitung GmbH • F.O. Licht GmbH • Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources • Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection • German Pulp and Paper Association • HypoVereinsbank – UniCredit Group AG • Johann Heinrich von Thünen-Institut • nova-Institut GmbH • Syntegra Solar Ltd. • Tate & Lyle PLC • Weber & Schaer GmbH & Co. KG 2 nd day: Biomaterials – materials for the future ➔ Bioplastics, natural fibre (bio-)composites, Wood-Plastic-Composites (WPC) ➔ National and global markets ➔ Technologies and methods ➔ Industries and applications Speakers of the following companies and institutes will be attending the congress 3N & Forschungsgemeinschaft Biologisch abbaubare Werkstoffe e. V. • Amorim Group (Portugal) • European Bioplastics e. V. • Evonik Industries AG and CLIB 2021 • FKuR Kunststoff GmbH • Ford Research Centre Aachen • Johnson Controls Interiors & Co. KG • STFI-Packforsk AB (Sweden) • University of Applied Sciences Bremen, Dept. for Biomimetics For more information and registration please visit Sponsor Partner ASSOCIATION OF THE GERMAN WOOD-BASED PANEL INDUSTRIES bioplastics MAGAZINE [05/08] Vol. 3 15 nova-Institut GmbH | Chemiepark Knapsack | Industriestr. | 50354 Huerth | Germany | |

Bottle Applications Not only like New PLA-bottled Good Water Brand Ambassador Mel Smith and Jack Johnson at a Jack Johnson concert It may be one of the little guys competing against the larger players but as it celebrates its first birthday The Good Water Company has found over the past year a number of high profile people have been in support of the company’s environmental aims. From international celebrities such as singer Jack Johnson to local who’s who Tiki Taane, Peter Urlich, Oscar Kightley and John Key the positive feedback has surprised even Good Water CEO Grant Hall. “It’s humbling to have such high profile people tell us they like what we are doing. I think there is so much awareness around sustainability now that Good Water is a product of the times,” says Hall. Good Water is New Zealand’s first environmentally sustainable water bottle that looks and feels like petroleum based plastic yet is made entirely from PLA, i.e. from renewable resources. In addition when the water bottle has reached the end of its useful life cycle consumers can then dispose of it with the knowledge that it will completely break down and not harm the environment. Tiki Taane famous musician in New Zealand 16 bioplastics MAGAZINE [05/08] Vol. 3

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