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04 | 2010

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News Trevira to

News Trevira to Manufacture Ingeo fibers NatureWorks LLC and Trevira GmbH jointly announced that Trevira of Bobingen, Germany, one of the world’s leading producers of highquality branded polyester fibers and filament yarns, now holds a master license to manufacture Ingeo PLA fibers. “Because of its technical expertise, exemplary reputation, capability to shorten time-to-market for custom products, and range of product offerings, Trevira is the ideal company to provide Ingeo fibers to a diverse base of European Union fabric producers, converters, and brand owners,” said Eamonn Tighe, NatureWorks European business manager for fibers and nonwovens. “Expanding our portfolio of product offerings with a costcompetitive and versatile fiber like Ingeo is both a growth strategy and the next step in our company’s sustainability journey,” said Günter Wittmann, Trevira’s director of sales and marketing, staple fibers. “The close cooperation with NatureWorks fits perfectly into our strategy of offering specialty and customized fibers. Leadership in quality and product development relies heavily on strong partnerships.” Tighe said that in the past 18 months, NatureWorks has seen significant interest among European Union converters, brand owners, and retailers in locally sourced, lowcarbon footprint fibers and nonwovens for apparel, household, technical textiles, and personal care products. He said this new relationship with such a reputable company as Trevira further confirms NatureWorks’ commitment to the fibers and nonwovens sector within the European Union. DuPont Packaging Awards DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers recently announced the winners in the 22nd DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation. Among the numerous winners from a wide array of geographies and market segments two products from the bioplastics arena were awarded as Gold Winners for Innovation and Sustainability or Innovation and Cost/Waste Reduction. One of the Gold winners is ‘The World’s First Fully Compostable Snack Bag’, presented by Frito-Lay North America, a division of PepsiCo, USA: Packaging is one of the most visible interactions consumers have with brands. Frito-Lay overcame significant technical hurdles to develop packaging that reduces the environmental impact of its Sunchips ® brand. To achieve compostability of the three-part packaging structure while providing maximum product protection, Frito-Lay switched to poly lactic acid (PLA) for the outer bag, along with a compostable adhesive and inner barrier coating. The result is a bag that uses renewable materials and allows for new disposal options such as composting, which diverts packaging from the landfill. The Coca Cola Company, USA, Canada, Denmark, Japan, and Brazil; Imperial College, London; Michigan State University, USA were awareded Gold too for the PlantBottle ® , the first PET beverage bottle made partially from plants. In support of its zero waste strategy for packaging materials, Coca-Cola is using a PET resin sourced from up to 30 percent plant-based renewable material. Here the monoethylene glycol made from sugar cane replaces petroleum-based PET feedstock. The new PlantBottle packaging which has been launched in Denmark, the United States, Canada, Japan, and Brazil can be recycled with other PET bottles in the existing PET recycling infrastructure. It is the first plastic beverage bottle from renewable sources that can be recycled along with other PET bottles in the existing recycling infrastructure. bioplastics MAGAZINE [04/10] Vol. 5

organized by during 28. - 30.10.2010 Messe Düsseldorf, Germany Bioplastics Business Breakfast B 3 Bioplastics in Packaging PLA, an Innovative Bioplastic Injection Moulding of Bioplastics At K’2010 the World’s biggest trade fair for plastics and rubber, end of October in Düsseldorf, Germany, bioplastics will definitely play an important role. “Bioplastics Business Breakfast” is a series of three mini-symposiums, succinct and to the point, from 8 am to 12 noon on the fairgrounds. These events, hosted by bioplastics MAGAZINE offer an ideal forum to gather information and connect to experts and to each other before the show doors open Registration fees start at € 199.00 (plus VAT) and include coffee/tea and croissants. For details and registration please visit Thursday, 28 October 2010 (8am - 12 noon) Friday, 29 October 2010 (8am - 12 noon) Saturday, 30 October 2010 (8am - 12 noon) Bioplastics in Packaging PLA, an Innovative Bioplastic Injection Moulding of Bioplastics > Basics of Bioplastics > Bioplastics “Packaging & Legislation“ > Sustainable Packaging > PLA Packaging > Starch based Packaging > Polyester (PBAT) Packaging > Bo-PLA > Machinery > End of Life > Basics of Bioplastics > Basics of PLA > PLA a Versatile Material > Processing PLA > High Temperature PLA > Barrier Coating of PLA > Bi-oriented PLA > PLA Particle Foam > End of Life > Basics of Bioplastics > Injection Moulding Compounds > Machinery > Injection Moulding of PLA > Injection Moulding of PHA > Injection Moulding of PBS > Bio-Polyamide for Inj. Moulding > Bio-Polyethylene for Inj. Moulding > Hot-runners for use with Bioplastics Preliminary programme, subject to changes

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