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04 | 2010

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Bottle Applications

Bottle Applications Cosmetic Bottles Bormioli Rocco, from Italy, a leading European supplier of glass and plastic bottles for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food industries, has been steadily gaining expertise with its Ingeo PLA bio bottle initiative. Bormioli Rocco reports that its method for injectionstretch-blow-molded PLA bottles is optimum for ensuring consistently high-quality packaging. Bormioli Rocco produces stretch-blow-molded bottles. According to the company, the key to consistent quality is the precisely controlled temperature of preforms prior to stretch molding. Three cosmetic companies are among the first to bring Bormioli Rocco bio bottles to market. Each brand owner emphasizes a concern for the environment and bio-based formulations. EUDERMIC SRL, Legnano, Italy, founded in 1994, specializes in natural and spa cosmetics. Impact Zero is the firm’s latest line and includes certified organic lotions for infants, older children, and adults, packaged in Bormioli Rocco’s Ingeo bio bottles. Secondary packaging is made from recycled fiber and is recyclable. Impact Zero is widely available in Italy and distribution is growing within other European countries. Also based in Italy, with headquarter in Bolzano, Ctm altromercato Consortium is a leader in fair and supportive trade. Using ingredients from flowers, fruits, and herbs, the organization launched the Natyr bio line of products for face and body several years ago. Recently the consortium introduced Natyr formulations packaged in transparent Bormioli Rocco bio bottles. Last year Artec, Torbole Casaglia, Italy, began packaging some of its Naturalmente line of hair care products in 250 ml Bormioli Rocco manufactured Ingeo bottles. Since the introduction of the packaging, Artec reports three fold sales growth. Artec plans to offer additional Naturalmente formulations in translucent bio bottles. MT 20 bioplastics MAGAZINE [04/10] Vol. 5

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