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04 | 2008

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Interpack Review

Interpack Review “Bioplastics in Packaging: Crowd puller From 24th to 30th April 2008, the bioplastics group exhibition ‘Bioplastics in Packaging’ attracted scores of visitors and got top marks from exhibitors and visitors. 96 percent of the participating companies were very satisfied and have already indicated their intention to exhibit at the next interpack in three years’ time. Organised by industry association European Bioplastics in collaboration with the Messe Duesseldorf the special ‘Bioplastics in Packaging‘ exhibition was a great success. 40 exhibitors filled the 1000 m 2 exhibition space to showcase raw materials, semi-finished products, products, processes, equipment and services using bioplastics technology. 96 percent of the exhibitors surveyed, were satisfied with the trade show. The exhibition space increased more than threefold compared to the last interpack in 2005, and the number of visitors nearly doubled. Visitor interest in the special exhibition was enormous. Harald Kaeb, Chairman of the industry association European Bioplastics emphasised this, saying “We are delighted with the strong positive response to our exhibition. Visitors virtually beat a path to our door! We also noted a lively interest from the press and for the supporting programme with specialist talks on bioplastics. Our exhibitors were very happy and have yet confirmed their participation in the next interpack.“ The special show already was sold out in September 2007. New product launches In the last issue of bioplastics MAGAZINE a comprehensive overview about all exhibiting companies was published. That is why here just a few review-topics are presented. These cover some of the new products that were launched during interpack. Mondi AG At interpack the Mondi business units Coating & Release and Consumer Flexbiles launched a portfolio of innovative biodegradable packaging solutions under the brand name Sustainex. In particular, Mondi Consumer Flexibles launched a blown film for form-filland-seal applications. The film is made from biopolymers based on vegetable oils. It has outstanding print and mechanical properties such as strength, impact and shear resistance. Sustainex films feature double sided heat sealability, allowing overlapping as well as fin seals. The field of potential applications is broad due to its visual characteristics similar to conventional plastic film. Under the brandname Sustainex, Mondi Coating and Release also offer sustainable extrusion coated and laminated packaging materials that use biopolymers. During the extrusion coating process, the biopolymer melt is applied as a functional coating to a carrier substrate such as paper. In the subsequent phase of extrusion laminating, the biopolymer is used as a glue to combine substrates. Photo: European Bioplastics bioplastics MAGAZINE [04/08] Vol. 3

Interpack Review The Big at interpack DuPont DuPont launched two products within the framework of interpack: Biomax ® TPS thermoplastic starch-based sheet is a product based on the technology from Plantic Technologies Limited, DuPont’s alliance partner. DuPont Biomax TPS has been successfully demonstrated commercially in thermoformed trays. It works especially well where the product it holds is a low moisture, low water-activity food like chocolates and cookies. Because it is naturally anti-static, it would also be useful as a tray package for sensitive electronic components. Biomax ® PTT is a partially renewablysourced, high-performance copolymer of 1,3 propanediol and terephtalic acid with polyester-like performance. Biomax PTT 1100 for example contains up to 37% renewably sourced content by weight and injection molds similarly to PBT. Innovia Innovia Films launched a new grade of NatureFlex film. NatureFlex NVR belongs to the second generation of Innovia Films’ compostable and biodegradable product range, together with NatureFlex NVS and NatureFlex NM. It has been specifically formulated to offer enhanced print and conversion receptivity and has an intermediate moisture barrier with heat-sealability on both sides. “Visitors to our stand at interpack 2008: Bioplastics in Packaging were able to see samples of the new product on display as part of our complete NatureFlex range. The development of NatureFlex NVR demonstrates yet again, innovation leading the way and our R&D expertise coming to the fore,” said Andy Sweetman, Innovia Films’ Global Marketing Manager - Sustainable Technologies. Other key features of NatureFlex NVR include: superb dead-fold properties, improved stiffness under chill cabinet conditions, good barrier to gases and aromas and resistance to oils and greases. Target applications for NVR include bakery, confectionery and dried foods such as pasta, pulses and rice. NatureFlex NVR is based on renewable wood pulp sourced from managed plantations which either have, or are working towards, FSC, PEFC or similar certification. The renewable or biobased content of a range of NatureFlex films has been determined by ASTM D6866 and shown to be circa 95%. bioplastics MAGAZINE [04/08] Vol. 3

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