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04 | 2008

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Fibers | Textiles

Fibers | Textiles Intimate apparel designers and consumers alike; appreciate the exceptional level of softness and drape. Unlike other synthetics, fibers made with Sorona dye easily and achieve pure whites as well as rich blacks – both very popular colors in the intimate apparel market. Best of all for consumers is the easy care attribute. Garments with Sorona can be washed in cold water and colors won’t fade due to its colorfastness and fade resistance attributes. Durability and cold water washing also contribute to reducing the environmental footprint. When extruded as a fiber, Sorona holds an odd cross section – necessary for moisture management – better than traditional polyester – so moisture is transported away from the body efficiently and effectively in activewear. Since fibers and fabrics made with the new polymer are fade resistant, activewear colors remain bold and vivid through many work-outs and adventures, not to mention washings. Most agree that the comfort stretch and full recovery of fabrics made with Sorona also lead to freedom of movement – a necessity in activewear. Fleece reaches new levels of softness. With fibers from Sorona microdenier softness is achieved at larger deniers making processing easier. When blended with other fibers, Sorona continues to offer valuable attributes. Blended with wool it offers softness and drape along with resistance to wrinkles – perfect for the business traveler who goes from plane to meeting. Cotton / Sorona blends offer softness and a comfort stretch and recovery to provide freedom of movement through the shoulders and elbows where consumers need it most. In other words, Sorona blends easily with other fibers – both synthetic and natural - to enhance and maximize both performance and style. Designers appreciate the easy dye capability. The material reaches full color absorption at the boiling point of water. Fabrics and apparel print and dye beautifully resulting in bold vivid colors and sharp, crisp prints that won’t bleed or fade. The environmental side of the ‘Performance PLUS’ story is threefold. First, Sorona uses approx. 30% less energy to produce than the production of an equal amount of nylon6. Second, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced up to 63%. And lastly, Sorona reduces dependence on oil since it uses renewably sourced ingredients, replacing those made with petrochemicals. Sorona contains 37% renewably sourced ingredients by weight. As a carpet fiber, the new material offers outstanding performance including durability, crush resistance and resilience. Best of all, is the benefit of permanent, natural stain resistance that won’t wash or wear off as topical stain treatments are prone to do. DuPont has partnered with Mohawk Industries to bring this environmentally responsible polymer to the North American market in residential carpeting. DuPont is also working with the automotive industry to offer similar stain resistant carpets to automotive manufacturers for carpeting and car mats. 32 bioplastics MAGAZINE [04/08] Vol. 3

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