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04 | 2008

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Fibers | Textiles

Fibers | Textiles Love’n Ingeo sanitary napkins (W.I.P.) Ingeo Fiber Revolutionizes the Nonwoven Sector Article contributed by Eamonn Tighe, European Fibers Business Development Manager, NatureWorks LLC Ingeo weedblock fabric by Easy Gardener The nonwovens industry is at the forefront in creating products that surround every aspect of the way we live, often touching our skin with products like cosmetic wipes, baby wipes, diapers and medical textiles, so it is a specific, often single use application that needs to take care of the materials being used, where hypoallergenic properties, softness and also moving liquids are key attributes considered in the selection of raw material used. Added to that the disposal issues related to many of the standard nonwoven products used everyday, and the need for more research and more options on how this is facilitated in the future is obvious. So with performance, lifestyle choices and environmental issues each playing their part in the nonwovens industry, Ingeo is now the new raw material of choice that is perfectly placed to address each of these needs in turn. Ingeo biopolymer (PLA) is made from 100% annually renewable plant resources, and as such provides a more responsible way of manufacturing nonwoven products that come into contact with consumers’ skin. This is in part the motivation to choose Ingeo products over conventional oil based ones. At the same time, these products must be able to satisfy on a performance level while maintaining a respect for environmental concerns too. Ingeo is a pure and natural based innovation that emits less green house gases in production. It has outstanding water transport properties and outperforms PET fabrics for breathability, comfort and insulation. Products made from this biopolymer are hypoallergenic, showing no evidence of skin sensitization and have a natural resistance to 26 bioplastics MAGAZINE [04/08] Vol. 3

Fibers | Textiles staining as well as very low odor retention and good thermo regulating properties. And with more end-of-life options, these nonwoven innovation products measurably contribute to a reduction in the carbon footprint both for manufacturers and final end users. Natural Choice Ingeo baby diapers by Valor Brand The range of application for Ingeo nonwovens runs from skincare, with wipes to apparel with thermal and structural interlinings. In furniture components, wadding and fillings, always hidden, but nonetheless critical for the lifetime performance of the product are now using PLA fibers. In babycare, moisturized Ingeo wipes and diapers, and also with personal hygiene products designed to deliver confidence are being promoted by eco sensitive brands. New applications on a grand scale see landscape weedblock textiles and exhibition carpet flooring set to replace conventional oil-based products, and the campaign against supermarket plastic bags has opened the opportunity for some new Ingeo qualities to fill the gap with a new, more sustainable multi-use shopping bag that combines high performance with a natural origin. Ingeo fiber is produced in a full range of types designed to fit all standard nonwoven techniques including spun lace, thermal, chemical or resin bonding, calendaring, needle punch and wet laid processes, as well as spunbond fabrics making it a very compelling component to replace oil based fibers throughout the nonwovens industry With the rapid growth in consumers desire for more environmentally friendly products, Natureworks is pleased to announce further expansions in our customer partner network of fiber and fabric suppliers. In the US Palmetto Synthetics, DS fibers in Belgium and Huvis in South Korea are our most recent licensed Ingeo fiber suppliers. This further strengthens supply options when combined with our long time Ingeo fiber suppliers FIT in the US and China, FET in Taiwan and Toray as well as Unitika in Japan. Ingeo baby wet wipes by Ben’s Land In addition to the full range of Ingeo fibers being offered by our partners, we are also excited about the recent addition of CL Chemical Fiber in China to our partner network. CL produces a full range of 100% Ingeo spunbond fabrics for a broad range of applications. Produced in all shapes and forms, Ingeo in nonwovens is poised to help transform the way to shop and live. bioplastics MAGAZINE [04/08] Vol. 3 27

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