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Preview The ‘Seedling’ DIN CERTCO is a certification organisation, highly regarded for its independence, neutrality, competence and more than 30 years experience in the field. DIN CERTCO operates a certification scheme for compostable products made of biodegradable materials. They grant the right to use the ‘Compostable Mark’, the so called ‘seedling’ which is the international quality mark for biodegradable and compostable materials and products developed by European Bioplastics. Certification is here an integral part of an industrial recycling system. It enables compostable products to be identified by a unique mark and channelled for recovery of their constituent materials in specially developed processes. The Compostability Mark thus conveys product information to waste-disposal plant operators and product image to consumers. With the new version of DIN CERTCO’s certification scheme a certification can be conducted according to three well accpeted standards: • DIN V 54900 „Testing of the compostability of plastics“ (replaced by DIN EN 13432) • DIN EN 13432 „Packaging - Requirements for packaging recoverable through composting and biodegradation - Test scheme and evaluation criteria for the final acceptance of packaging“ • ASTM D 6400 „Standard Specification for Compostable Plastics“ Visitors to interpack will be informed about all issues regarding the certification of biodegradable and compostable products and the use of the ‘seedling logo’. The Packaging Network NNZ, the packaging network, is a family business that has been active in the field of agricultural and industrial packaging for more than 85 years. One of the strengths of the business is its cooperation with partners in many areas, the ultimate aim being to offer optimum solutions to packaging problems for the benefit of existing and potential customers. NNZ forms the binding link in a network of buyers, suppliers, distributors, universities, research institutes and governments. The business operates as a trade partner and as a knowledge and development centre in the field of packaging. NNZ supplies a complete range of biodegradable and conventional packaging material. Recently, NNZ have carried out research into the quality of salad packaging. In this research – the results will be presented during interpack – salad was packed in various conventional and biodegradable films. Once packed, the quality of the salad was tested over a 6 day period. During this time the salad was tested for, amongst other things, weight-loss, carbon dioxide and oxygen concentrations, and visual appearance. The research showed that one specific type of biodegradable and one specific type of conventional film were most suitable for packing salad. E06 D07 Sustainably Sound We all have to step up and take responsibility for the protection and conservation of our environment! Words alone no longer suffice. Sound measures are needed for long-term planning but also for concrete action in the here and now. A sustainable contribution to preserving the environment is offered by packaging made from sustainable, compostable raw materials. It is not a matter of theoretical concepts but real world measures with immediate, tangible impact. naturesse products are EN 13432 certified and are designed to satisfy these demands. The common denominator of all naturesse products from Pacovis is their ‘natural origin’. Only renewable raw materials are utilized from the production of cane sugar, vegetable starch, cellulose, vegetable oil components, fallen palm leaves or wood. “With our versatile product range, we have you covered with a total solution for all your needs,”says Hanspeter Burri of Pacovis AG, Stetten, Switzerland. C06 bioplastics MAGAZINE [03/08] Vol. 3 15

Preview Take a Fresh Look at NatureFlex Innovia Films will be showcasing its full range of NatureFlex, one of the market leading biodegradable and compostable flexible packaging materials. At interpack, Innovia Films will be launching a new grade of NatureFlex film, NVR. Nature- Flex NVR has been specifically formulated to offer enhanced print and conversion receptivity and has an intermediate moisture barrier with heat-sealability on both sides. Target applications for NVR include bakery, confectionery, pasta, pulses and rice. NatureFlex films are biodegradable, based on renewable wood pulp sourced from managed plantations and are certified as compostable (in industrial composting, soil, home composting and biodegradable in waste water environment). NatureFlex films are stiffer and more oriented than many bio-polymers currently on the market which makes them ideal for use in standard flow-wrap and form-fill-seal equipment for food packaging. Glossy and transparent, they are also static-free for easy handling. By adding specially formulated surface layers, Innovia Films is able to control the moisture permeability of these films to produce material suitable across a whole range of applications including confectionery, bakery goods, fresh produce, household products and personal care items. They offer natural and organic product manufacturers the ability to align their packaging message with the spirit of their product marketing. Biodegradable Packaging Solutions Natura packaging from Rheine, Germany offer a wide range of biodegradable fruit and vegetable packaging solutions, waste bags and shopping bags. All of natura’s biodegradable fruit and vegetable packaging solutions are at least equal to their non-biodegradable equivalents. Importantly, the packed products’ shelf life is increased by the packaging’s high permeability. This permeability causes an ‘anti-fog’ effect. As a result, products remain clearly visible, even after several days in-store. In addition to film packaging natura offers different kind of nettings and sugar cane trays. All packaging materials for fruit/vegetables/potatoes are on stock, so that a conversion for interested companies is possible at any time. In the area of waste management natura packaging has a solution to any problem. Biodegradable waste bags are available in any shape and size, from 8 to 240 litres. In larger amounts the bags can even be printed with the customer’s label. The bags can be used in any kitchen and garden waste bin. After being discarded they compost right along with the waste. For owners and managers of supermarkets and other stores it’s good to know that natura packaging offers a wide choice in both grab and carrier bags in any shape and size. These bags, produced on a starch basis, can be printed any desired way. Having served their primary purpose they can be used by consumers as waste collecting bags and eventually become compost. Biodegradable shopping bags are identified as such by special label. By linking a company’s brand to this label will send a clear and very positive message to the customers. Thanks to this offer they are not adding unnecessarily to the world’s waste problems. D13 Color and Additive Masterbatches PolyOne offers a broad range of color and additive masterbatches especially developed for biopolymers. These masterbatches comply with the relevant composting and/or bio based standards. This interpack two new products will be introduced within the OnCap BIO range • OnCap BIO Impact T - A transparent Impact Modifier for PLA • OnCap BIO Anti-Fog T - A transparent Anti-Fog for PLA PolyOne Corporation (NSYE:POL) with 2006 annual revenues of approximately $ 2.7 bilion, is a leading global provider of specialised polymer materials, services and solutions. Headquartered in northeast Ohio, USA, PolyOne has operations in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia and joint ventures in North America, South America. PolyOne offers more than 35.000 polymer solutions. E20 E15 16 bioplastics MAGAZINE [03/08] Vol. 3

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