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New Biopolymer-Database

New Biopolymer-Database The “Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe e.V.” (FNR, Agency for Renewable Resources) was established in 1993 by the German Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection. With the support of the FNR the University of Applied Sciences and Arts (FH) in Hanover, Germany, and the M-Base company of Aachen, Germany, have established a biopolymer database. The database contains all of the specifications of relevance to plastics processors, and covers bioplastics that are currently commercially available. The preliminary version contains only the data supplied by the resin producers. The version planned for 2009 will also offer extensive information on independently tested characteristics of the materials. The database is laid out in such a way that it summarises the up-to-date key parameters alongside those of existing plastics databases and allows them to be called up from a central reference point. As far as is permitted the specification data and the internationally recognised test procedures will be accessed via the well-known CAMPUS ® database, which will allow the information to be directly compared with the specifications and performance of commonly commercially available plastics. The first part of the database, containing the information supplied by the resin manufacturers, will be presented for the first time at interpack exhibition on the FNR stand.,, E08 Ingeo Packaging Debuts at Interpack NatureWorks LLC is pleased to showcase Ingeo products at interpack to the global packaging market. Made uniquely from NatureWorks ® biopolymer, Ingeo packaging innovations are rewriting the rules on how to promote, package, market and sell everything from fresh food to consumer durables. Ingeo natural plastic is made from plants, not oil and uses less fossil fuel resources and emits less greenhouse gases than traditional plastics. Ingeo provides a new and more responsible set of solutions for business that reflects current consumer desire for better choices and more environmentally sound products to use in their everyday lives. At the NatureWorks booth attendees will be able to see and experience the full potential of the latest Ingeo innovations at the Ingeo Creative Galleries. There are five key categories of packaging specialties particularly suitable for Ingeo including fresh foods, serviceware, beverage solutions, film applications and foam innovations. Visitors will also be able to see some remarkable examples of Ingeo fiber innovations ranging from apparel to hometextile and personal care nonwoven applications. In addition there will be the opportunity to see all NatureWorks’ partners’ products presenting at interpack and join a Round Table Discussion at 11 a.m. on April 28, an event organized by NatureWorks that will discuss the value and merits of responsible innovation today. Grace Biotech Since 1998 the Grace Biotech Corporation from Hsinchu County, Taiwan, has been continuously researching and developing breakthrough biotechnology that will open the way to converting ordinary vegetable starch into a new type of bioplastic. In the urge to help solve the world’s energy crisis and pollution problems, Grace Biotech has introduced GraceBio - brand new starch-based plastics created from nature and which return to nature after disposal. Grace Biotech is proud to participate in the ‘Bioplastics in Packaging’ exhibition. Among the leading companies representing the bioplastics industry Grace Biotech is confidently displaying its latest achievement - GB100 , a 100% compostable and biodegradable resin. GB100 resin is a film grade compostable material which has already been certified by AIB Vincotte, DIN Certco, BPI and JBPA. GB100’s outstanding physical properties and easy processing features are what make it a better choice when replacing conventional plastics. “Here at Grace Biotech we believe in using renewable resources and agricultural waste to replace scarce fossil resources. We will make our life cleaner and more sustainable“, said a company spokesperson. E21 Preview D17 bioplastics MAGAZINE [03/08] Vol. 3 13

Preview C07 Biopackaging Represents the Future I.L.P.A. srl was established in 1962 in Bazzano, Italy, where it started producing plastic packaging for fruits and vegetables. In the last decade, ILPA showed great attention to all possible developments in bio-plastics and was among the first companies to start testing PLA. There are mainly three reasons of this ‘pioneering approach: • the strong belief that ‘biopackaging’ represents our future; • the good quality features of PLA products; • the positive effects on the environment of PLA: renewability, compostability. For these reasons, I.L.P.A. srl - ILIP Division was among the first companies exploring this new path and investing with PLA. During interpack I.L.P.A. will show their PLA products range for: disposable tableware, fresh food and fruits & vegetable packaging. Concerning their involvement and commitment for the future, a spokesperson said: “ILPA is determined to keep on investing in its production processes so as to influence the dynamics of costs; and to enlarge its PLA products range.” A Sustainable Packaging Concept Huhtamaki, Espoo, Finland aims to be a preferred provider of environmentally friendly and high-quality consumer goods and foodservice packaging products. Huhtamaki’s BioWare range offers packaging that takes into account the needs of today’s consumers, but also respects the importance of preserving the environment. It is a sustainable packaging concept, where all products have a lower environmental impact than their traditional counterparts. The BioWare range covers single-use cold drink cups, plates, containers and cutlery and – since last year – also bio-coated cold and hot drink cups – all certified according to EN 13432. In addition to the BioWare range, Huhtamaki’s also manufactures packaging made from other renewable resources, such as its wide range of virgin fiber based packaging or recycled fiber packaging, offering strong environmental benefits. Huhtamaki’s stand at ‘Bioplastics in Packaging’ showcases a cross-section of these products, namely the cold drink cups and containers made from NatureWorks ® PLA, containers for desserts, plates from the Chinet ® range and bio-coated cups. In addition, there will samples of technical applications that use films manufactured by Huhtamaki, such as hygiene products and bags. BioWare products work as ideally at festivals and events as in daily foodservice and consumer use. Thanks to BioWare’s composting capability, it is possible to create one compost waste stream for both the food and its packaging. The World of Communication Greiner Packaging from Kremsmünster, Austria will present itself under the motto ‘the world of communication’. It is a recurrent theme that shows through in the products and services offered by Greiner Packaging This is reflected in the four worlds of ‘creativity’, ‘sustainability’, ‘consultancy’ and ‘technology’. Creativity and Sustainability In the area of ‘creativity’, visitors to the fair will be astonished by creative packaging solutions reflecting the imagination of resourceful people. In the area of ‘sustainability’, Greiner Packaging shows its view of long-term, sustainable growth. It addresses the issues of responsible behaviour towards the environment and the prudent use of raw materials and resources. Consultancy and Technology ‘Consultancy’ is characterised by vivid communication which offers the platform for competent customer support and product implementation. Under this heading, Greiner Packaging expresses its philosophy of close customer support from concept to the completed packaging solution. To conclude, the area of ‘technology’ offers an overview of the huge variety of technological processes which form the basis for one of the largest assortments of packaging in Europe. E14 C17 14 bioplastics MAGAZINE [03/08] Vol. 3

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