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02 | 2010

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Application News t = 0 t = 56 days t = 98 days t = 112 days … in home composting environment Compostable Films, Bags and Resin Cortec Corporation, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA, in conjunction with EcoCortec from Beli Manastir, Croatia, has recently launched EcoWorks ® , a line of biodegradable, compostable films, bags, and resin for blown film and cast film extrusion and injection molding. Cortec is strongly committed to producing compostable products and using sustainable resources to protect the environment and reduce the carbon footprint. EcoWorks products provide an environmentally conscious alternative to polyolefin materials. All products are certified 100% compostable according to ASTM D6400 and EN 13432 by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) and DIN CERTCO. The EcoWorks line of products is available in various formulations, ranging from 5-70% renewable content, customized to meet the needs of the customer‘s application. EcoWorks products are designed for use in a wide variety of applications including retail packaging, industrial films, agricultural films, organic collection bags, and much more. Custom sizes and constructions are also available. New Compostable Compound for Films Kafrit Industries, the Israeli branch of the Kafrit Group, has recently launched DEG 0K12Q BDP – a biodegradable compound for film extrusion that complies with the requirements of EN 13432 and ISO 17088. The compound – a result of two years of research - is a combination of PLA (Ingeo) and modified polyester with the addition of antioxidants and process additives. The unique combination results in a compound that processes easily on conventional film extrusion equipment with only minor changes to process parameters, namely reduced temperature and controlled screw speed. Films of 15μ up to 120μ were produced and showed good sealability, excellent mechanical properties and acceptable printability. DEG 0K12Q BDP is being used by film producers to produce bags of various sizes. At the same time trials are made to use DEG 0K12Q BDP for lamination and hygiene films. Production of thicker films is also possible, however the compliance of films over 120μ with EN 13432 should be verified. Films made of DEG 0K12Q BDP show a good rate of biodegradation as can be seen in the picture. Kafrit and its partner Jolybar are currently developing other Ingeo based compounds for other film applications as well as injection and blow molding. The evolution of the disintegration of DEG 0K12Q BDP (106 µm) in the slide frames during the composting process. At Start After 2 Weeks After 3 Weeks After 4 Weeks After 6 Weeks After 8 Weeks 52 bioplastics MAGAZINE [02/10] Vol. 5

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