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02 | 2010

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FKuR plastics - made by nature! ® BIOGRADE - Engineering Bioplastics ... for ® keyboard housing made out of Biograde ® Green IT® registered trademark of Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH FKuR Kunststoff GmbH Siemensring 79 D - 47877 Willich Phone: +49 2154 92 51-0 Fax: +49 2154 92 51-51 FKuR Plastics Corp. 921 W New Hope Drive | Building 605 Cedar Park, TX 78613 | USA Phone: +1 512 986 8478 Fax: +1 512 986 5346

Editorial dear readers Winter is over (…finally), everywhere we see a multitude of different coloured flowers appearing, and the first trees are coming into bud. This new issue of bioplastics MAGAZINE also offers you a colourful bouquet of news and application news. In addition we cover ‘rigid packaging‘ as one of our editorial focus subjects. Because one material often does not fulfil all the requirements of a specific application, the combination of different materials may be a good approach. Be it the combination of biopolymers with natural fillers or fibres, or a blend of different polymers. The editorial focus ‘material combinations‘ addresses this interesting field. Claims of degradability or renewability have been discussed intensely in the recent past. Certified products can help manufacturers as well as retailers and consumers in their decision-making process. But what is behind all these certifications, logos, labels and marks. In the ‘Basics’ section we try to shed a little light on this question. But since this is quite an extensive topic, we might pick up the subject in more comprehensive detailed reports in future issues. Have a look in the editorial calendar (online in the media-data or on page 52) to see other topics planned for our next issues. If you think that you can contribute to the editorial pages of bioplastics MAGAZINE, just let me know. I hope you enjoy reading this issue of bioplastics MAGAZINE. Yours Michael Thielen bioplastics MAGAZINE [02/10] Vol. 5

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