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02 | 2010

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Rigid Packaging 200

Rigid Packaging 200 Tonnes of Petro-Based Rigid Packaging eliminated Known for high-quality, stylishly designed items plus all the essentials, displayed in a clean, organized, and welcoming environment, Target Corporation operates more than 1,700 stores and is the second largest discount retailer in the United States. Target strives to be a responsible steward of the environment, seeking to understand its impact on the planet and continuously improve business practices. As part of its environmental emphasis, the company evaluated the performance, cost, and impact of its rigid PET containers used for baked goods in the deli section of its SuperTarget-brand stores. The retailer then explored whether there were any viable alternatives to PET for its baked-goods packaging. One of the alternative materials Target evaluated was NatureWorks Ingeo biopolymer (PLA). Target found that Ingeo rivaled PET rigid containers in both clarity and performance, thus ensuring that Target customers would not make any compromises with the switch to an annually renewable and more sustainable package. If Target substituted Ingeo containers for PET, the company estimated it would reduce non-renewable petroleum-based packaging by 222,714 kg (491,000 pounds) annually. Using Ingeo would not only lessen reliance on a non-renewable resource, but also reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumed in manufacturing baked-goods rigid containers. So Target subsequently made the substitution. The retailer believes that the packaging of its branded products is ultimately as important as what is inside. Target continues to look for other own branded products where the benefits of an innovative new biopolymer can also be utilized. Judith, this issue‘s covergirl feels good to know that she‘s drinking from a cup from renewable resources. “Especially since I know that the lid too is available made from biobased and biodegradable plastics“ she adds. 14 bioplastics MAGAZINE [02/10] Vol. 5

Rigid Packaging Biodegradable Hot Cup Lid Eco-Products, Boulder, Colorado, the leading brand of biodegradable and compostable food service ware solutions throughout the USA, last year introduced the first commercially available compostable hot cup lid in North America. This product addresses the growing demand from conscious coffee and tea enthusiasts. Made from NatureWork‘s Ingeo biopolymer (PLA), the product enables restaurants, hotels, and university and corporate campuses to break away from the status quo and provide a fully renewable hot cup and lid system. In keeping with the company’s commitment to zero waste, Eco-Products submitted the lid to Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) for certification. Eco-Products hot cup lids fit the stock sizes of hot paper cups: 10, 12, 16, 20 and 24 ounces. The lids are heat stable up to 104°C (220°F) and are designed to break down and return to CO2, water and biomass within 90-120 days in a commercial compost facility. “NatureWorks is excited about this innovation in food service. The Eco-Products hot cup lid offers the performance that consumers have come to expect from traditional petroleum based lids yet provide the environmental benefits of GHG (greenhouse gas) reductions and a decline in our dependency on foreign oil,” said Jim Hobbs, Director of Sales – Americas for NatureWorks LLC. Everyday across North America millions of single-use disposable hot cups and lids are discarded and destined for the landfill. Traditional hot cup lids and the plastic liner used to coat the paperboard are made from a nonrenewable resource — oil. Eco-Products’ magnetic_148, 175.00 lpi 15.00° 75.00° 0.00° 45.00° 14.03.2009 10:13:31 hot beverage system is instead made from plant Prozess CyanProzess MagentaProzess GelbProzess Schwarz starch materials, thereby significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with oil consumption. Eco-Products offers a one-stop shop for single-use — yet eco-friendly — disposables. Their distribution facilities and partners from coast to coast service restaurants, cafes, hotels, corporate cafeterias and sports stadiums, enabling customers and businesses to consciously choose environmentally friendly products. Eco-Products sources environmentally safe products from around the world in order to respond to market needs. The company offers a full line of biodegradable and compostable C M Y Magnetic for Plastics • International Trade in Raw Materials, Machinery & Products Free of Charge • Daily News from the Industrial Sector and the Plastics Markets • Current Market Prices for Plastics. CM MY CY CMY • Buyer’s Guide for Plastics & Additives, Machinery & Equipment, Subcontractors and Services. K • Job Market for Specialists and Executive Staff in the Plastics Industry Up-to-date • Fast • Professional bioplastics MAGAZINE [02/10] Vol. 5 15

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