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01 | 2010

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Guest Editorial Dr. Harald Kaeb, Secretary General of European Bioplastics Building a Green Century Oh! What a year! From ‘Apocalypse Now!’ to ‘Business As Usual’? Actually there is no business as usual any more! Wherever you look there are enormous pressures that will lead to far-reaching changes. The last decade was the one in which we finally noticed this. Yes, it‘s true, raw materials can become very expansive - because they are not used in a sustainable way. And emissions caused by humans will lead to environmental changes that can destroy our quality of life. We have been regularly warned since the 1960‘s, but now we know it‘s true! In this coming decade the shape of the new century will be set. It will be - and must be - a green one. 2020 is a deadline, and not only for the maximum 2°C increase commitment. Cars must go ‘electric‘, energy supplies and fuels from renewable resources will grow, but total consumption will also heavily decrease, food and feedstocks must be sourced from sustainable agriculture and forestry. Not everything will be perfect by then, but those who do not seriously start will see their businesses effectively annihilated in the long run. The frontrunners and risk-takers of today will be the real business leaders. And be aware that sustainability claims must be substantiated. Standards, indicators, measurements and labels will be most important tools for providing proof. Some of them are already in place, others need updating or are still to be developed. Each and every product category will be impacted by measurement tools such as LCA or carbon footprint, and the derived policies. If you want to shape these standards and tools then do ensure that you are represented in branch associations. I hope you enjoy this first issue of bioplastics MAGAZINE in the new decade. In addition to my own ‘wise’ comments it features editorial highlights such as foamed bioplastics and bioplastics in automotive applications. It explains the basics of cellulosics, and the article of Professor Narayan offers a good closing word in this issue for the oxoepisode. A Happy New Year, and a Great Decade! Harald Kaeb bioplastics MAGAZINE [01/10] Vol. 5

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