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01 | 2008

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Editorial dear readers

Editorial dear readers Now, as bioplastics MAGAZINE enters its third year, we are increasing the pace. After two issues in 2006 and four issues last year, we plan to publish six issues a year from now on. These six issues will not be exactly every two moths but rather connected to certain events. For example, issue 03/2008 will be published right before the interpack exhibition in Düsseldorf. Six issues a year also means that we encourage all of you to contribute articles about your latest developments, about the situation in your country, or you can even contribute to the ‘Basics‘ section, or the glossary, if you have good and helpful explanations. One of the editorial focuses in this issue is ‘foamed bioplastics’. The other focus is on ‘end-of-life scenarios’. Here I can‘t repeat often enough my (and not only my) opinion that composting is not the only and ‘non-plus-ultra’ end-of-life option. We should always look at reuse and recycling opportunities first, and then thoroughly evaluate all possible options, including incineration with energy recovery. Another topic that we will cover in more depth from now on is LCA. There are already a number of companies that have developed full Life Cycle Analyses. We will publish extracts from some of them in the coming issues. We hope you enjoy reading the first issue in 2008 and we look forward to your comments. Michael Thielen Publisher bioplastics MAGAZINE Vol. 3 ISSN 1862-5258 Situation in UK | 21 Special editorial Focus: End of life options Foam Recycling of bioplastics | 24 01 | 2008 bioplastics MAGAZINE [01/08] Vol. 3

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